Moonshine 2022

Hello! I’m Effy Wild, and while I serve many roles in the world – writer, artist, teacher  – my favourite role to serve is that of Art Witch, and the place to find me serving that role is right here in Moonshine.

Moonshine is more than ‘just an e-course!  It is a yearly journey into the realm of moon-based art witchery in all its glorious forms. It’s also a coven of art witches, some of whom have been in the program since its inception in this format five years ago, who cycle together moon by moon. Moonshine is a village. It’s a virtual clearing in the woods where we stoke up the fire and share the tea. it’s a festival wrapped in an academy.

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

Here’s What’s Included

Membership in this year’s Moonshine Coven group on Facebook.

Lifetime membership in Moonshine Cafe on Facebook.

Lifetime access to the course materials.

A monthly PDF of written musings, including an art witch primer with suggested activities and resources that, when collected over the course of the year, forms a complete training system in art witchery. These PDFs when combined are hundreds and hundreds of pages long, and there is new content within them every year in the form of art witch tips, new essential oil blends, astro-tarot forecasts, oracle reading layouts, and this year, we have new herbal lore and new crystal lore. Note that our aromatherapist and herbalist are certified and do not represent MLMs.

A full-length monthly painting tutorial (downloadable video + PDF walkthrough).

Documentation for each full and new moon, both of which include the aforementioned astro-tarot forecasts and oracle reading layouts.

A new painting demonstration for the full moon (filmed live on Zoom so we can paint together + offered as a downloadable replay for those who can’t attend live).

A new painting demonstration for the new moon (offered as a downloadable pre-recorded speed painting) with notes on how I’m engaging the current energies.

A live activation gathering on Zoom in the first week of the month (also offered as a downloadable replay). In these gatherings, we read the content together, do Q&A, check-ins and draw a tarot card to establish our ‘coven work’ (optional) for the month.

A coupon code for $90 off for next year’s Moonshine 2023.

This experience is meant to give you deep training in art witchery AND mixed media art as a spiritual tool with an emphasis on establishing your own art witch practice based on thorough, scaffolded guidance that will get you sound, self-possessed, and in pursuit of your most deeply held desired outcomes.

Ready to dive in?

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More About Moonshine

In its fifth year in this format, Moonshine is now an established eclectic witchcraft tradition that invites you to discover just how magical creative practice can truly be. While my emphasis throughout the course is the use of mixed media art as my primary form of magical practice, we have art witches who work with other modes of creative practice and expression that are easily adapted to the work we do. Creatives of all kinds are welcome to cycle with us from moon to moon as we discover and go after the desires of our deepest hearts.

You do NOT have to identify as an artist OR a witch to participate in this class, but by the end of our year together, I’d be willing to bet you will identify as BOTH.

Moonshine 2022  begins as soon as you register with instant access to Book Of Days Boot Camp, which you should look over before we begin in 2022 + a 26 page initiatory document that includes everything you need to know to get started. We will start the new year with your first “Musings” document and our first Monthly Painting tutorial. You will find content flowing in your direction thereafter including a *lot* of writing to get you thinking and exploring each cycle deeply.

Each and every month, you will get the monthly manual that includes the month’s written training + extras (oil blends! recipes! herbs! stones!), three video lessons per cycle – one for the 1st of the month (pre-recorded), one for New Moon (time-lapsed + musings) and one for Full Moon (enjoyed live on Zoom and then offered as a replay). Note: as a bonus, full moon content includes a full-length tutorial filmed in a previous year so you can get an idea of what might want to come through when we meet live! You will also be invited to our live activation gathering each month on Zoom with a recorded replay available shortly after where we read and discuss the monthly documentation together and draw an oracle card to establish what our work as a coven will be throughout the cycle,

Along with the ‘usual’ content, you will find bonuses popping up regularly (because there are always bonuses), challenges to undertake (we call them “Praxis”), and membership in our art witch coven, which is open 24/7, and always available to you should you have questions, need some energy directed your way (we call these COVEN UPS), or just want to hang out with people of like mind.

Moonshine Coven is $270 for the entire year.

Please read before you make your purchase.

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4 payments of $68

Hold on now, Effy! What’s Art Witchery?

Art Witchery is the use of visual arts as a way to change our consciousness in accordance with our will. Art Witches work with colour, shape, symbol, and practice to raise energy, which we direct towards the things we wish to attain for ourselves and the world. Our desires may be as simple as changing our habits or as complicated as working for justice. Whatever you bring to the table can be ‘art witched’ through creative practice, and I will teach you how.

Moonshine is ‘non-denominational’, which means that there is no one tradition of witchery taught or upheld in this class. You can also come to the class with your own spiritual practices and beliefs and adapt the content to suit you. While we do not use the words ‘witchery’ and ‘witch’ lightly in this class, we undertake these practices with mirth and open-mindedness, understanding that magic *works* even if we don’t necessarily understand how.

This class is experiential. You are your own authority, and there is no right or wrong way to ‘do’ Moonshine. This means you don’t have to come in with ‘belief’ or ‘faith’ in the process. You will grow in understanding how this works as you work it, and as you learn, research, and practice, you will be creating your own special brand of art witchery – in short, your own ‘tradition’, specifically designed by and for *you*.

A Little More About What We Do

In Moonshine, we operate from a place of knowing that when we heal ourselves, we heal the world. When we serve our highest good, we serve The Highest Good. When we go after our desires in alignment with our will, we are increasing joy, fulfillment, power, and manifestation for the entire collective. We work in the realm of the microcosm with an understanding that it will impact the macrocosm. Note, though, that this is not a “Law of Attraction” style program. We do not engage in victim-blaming, spiritual bypassing, or ‘love and lighting’. We embrace and work with shadow and grit. We engage deeply and reverently with the powers that be in order to attain a sense of alignment (what we call ‘soundness’) and to remove the obstacles within us that prevent the attainment of our desires. While the work we do is done privately, in our own studios (or living rooms or dining rooms), we gather virtually in order to amplify each individual’s energies so that the intentions we set and the work we do is exponentially more effective.

If you’re not into the ‘woo woo’ or ‘working’ part of this program, that’s fine, too. You can just join in and paint with us, but fair warning: the magicks are contagious. You might find yourself art witching things up in no time!

People in this program have had a lot of fun and created a lot of beautiful things in the name of art witchery, but they have also left jobs that were no longer a good fit for them, escaped abusive relationships, dealt with addictive behaviours, dropped habits that no longer served them, met the loves of their lives, discovered their true vocation, unearthed talents that had lain dormant for years, identified core beliefs that stood in the way of their living their best lives, and made connections that serve as ‘soul pod’ or chosen family.

In other words, witches in Moonshine have discovered that Moonshine works if you work it.

More On What You’ll Get

The Manual. Every calendar month throughout the year, you will receive a printable PDF that will contain musings on the theme of the month, suggested activities, bits and pieces of poetry and magic, prompts to inspire your journaling practice, correspondences to use in your practice (such as moon names, holy days, colours, herbs, relevant practices, etc.). These PDFs can be printed, hole punched, and put in a binder as a keepsake of your journey through the year. It can also be used year after year as a jumping-off point into your creative and spiritual practices. The monthly packet will also include a new oracle reading designed by an alumni witch, an essential oil blend designed by another alumni witch, a tea blend and botanical drawing by an alumni witch, and a colouring page designed by yet another alumni witch, and deeper instruction in art witchery by Effy Wild. This year we are also adding herbal lore and stone lore to our monthly packet.

Collect all the PDFs, and compile your own notes, and you will have a complete “Art Witch Book Of Shadows”.

Monthly live virtual gatherings (dates are to be announced) in which we do a read-through of that month’s PDF. I will talk you through the energies that are present that month, how I’m working the cycles, and share whatever seems relevant at the time. These are supplemental to the PDFs. Bring a beverage and your notebook. These will take place on Zoom, but will also be offered as replays.

Four Live Celebrations (dates to be announced) at or near the solstices and equinoxes. Adorn yourself however you like, bring a beverage, and prepare to party. These will be offered as recorded replays for those who can’t attend live. Two of these celebrations are open only to this year’s participants, and two will be open to all Moonshine participants past and present, including those in Moonshine Cafe.

The New Moon Working. Time lapsed for your entertainment and inspiration, this will come to you in the form of a quick video that includes instructions on how to create a new moon vow art journal spread, and then a demo of how I made mine. This mini ritual that includes ceremony and art as a way to make magic will be uploaded to your classroom before each new moon throughout the year. These painting sessions will sometimes focus on the astrological sign the new moon is ‘in’, but sometimes, they will focus on other energies, or be rendered entirely intuitively. The focus for us at the new moon is the attainment of our desires.

The new moon working lessons will include a PDF with personal writing about how I’m using those energies in the attainment of my own desires. In other words, I’m not just your facilitator. I will be cycling right alongside you, and you can use my own personal work as your inspiration. The new moon lessons will also include an invitation to join me on Facebook for a new moon check-in thread, where we will name our intentions (more on that as we cycle) together as a coven of art witches. Those who prefer not to engage on Facebook will be invited to send me their intentions via email so that I can witness them, but only if you like! This is completely optional!.

An example of a spell cast through art witchery on New Vine Moon in Libra.

Full Moon Live Working. This will be streamed live via Vimeo and then offered as an edited replay for those who couldn’t be there live. Full Moon also includes a full-length tutorial from previous years in the current astrological sign so you can see what might want to come through and how to use the energies that are present in that cycle, and an astro-tarot reading by an alumni witch (the fabulous Shinjini!) These full moon sessions are meant to explore and employ the energies that are present at the full moon, (which will change from moon to moon) as well as any other correspondences that resonate or come up for us. These painting sessions will sometimes focus on the astrological sign the moon is in as it waxes full, but sometimes, they will focus on other energies, or be rendered entirely intuitively. The focus for us at the full moon is fulfillment, celebration, and release.

An example of a working done on Full Ivy Moon In Taurus

An Additional Monthly Theme Based Working

In addition to the new moon & full moon workings, this extra project will be a full-length tutorial in creating a spread or painting based on the month’s theme. It will come packaged with your monthly documents so you can get right to work as we enter each new month.

We will work with one of the (many) exercises & suggested activities presented in your monthly PDFs, and I will walk you through its creation step by step on video and through a printable colour PDF. In these lessons, we may paint a spread based on the traditional name of the moon, an herb or crystal that is associated with the energies we’re working with, a portrait of a part of self (inner child, warrior queen, etc.) that feels resonant or relevant. These monthly paintings could serve beautifully as ‘dividers’ in your Art Witch Book Of Shadows, so printing them and including them in your binders will be encouraged.

An Example Of A Monthly Themed Painting

The Moonshine Coven experience is $270.

Please read before you make your purchase.

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4 payments of $68

Another Example of A Monthly Painting


I came to moonshine drawn by the idea of working with the energies of the moon, and what I found was so much more. Not only does Effy provide a textbook worth of both educational and personal material, but the coven of like-minded individuals you will find is also incredibly special. It is a “place” where intuition reigns and no feeling needs to be justified. A place where your presence, warts and all, will be honoured and seen and held. It is not therapy, but rather a long, hydrating drink for the soul. – April Laramey

I’m not at all witchy but I was completely bewitched by Effy and totally warmed by the safe haven of Moonshine this year. An amazing art and journalling program that’s wonderfully outside of the norm. This spiritual agnostic learned a great deal (am still learning!) and was shown some amazing art techniques but most importantly, I found a happy and safe place. This year has been a difficult struggle and though I haven’t always finished the art, just seeing the wonderful journal pages, the sharing and friendly camaraderie of the group has been like a healing balm. I’m in next year for sure! – Sal Sheibe

This course has been a real awakening. I didn’t quite know which path I wanted to travel on and I can get quite muddled and indecisive about what I am doing and why. Moonshine has given me focus. I have seen things in a different way and found out things about myself and which direction I want to move in that I really didn’t realize. It is a wonderfully supportive class with a caring and nurturing community as well as an awesome teacher who is with you at every step. This truly is magical. – Lesley Larcombe

When I signed up for Moonshine, I thought it would be a great way into my art journal on each new and full moon. A way to just be more aware of the cycles and make pretty art around cyclical themes. However, it was SO MUCH more! Moonshine is a container for some serious art witchery – cycling with the moon and the themes of each month, making meaningful art, and doing some serious and sometimes even playful soul work. And then there is the coven of witches – a safe and gentle landing place where we can be held, understood and witnessed just as we are, warts and all. I am so glad I took the plunge this year, and I look forward to cycling with the moon again next year! – Shinjini Mehrotra

Moonshine is pure magic on so many levels: journal making, art-making, art journalling, moon cycling, information gathering, and self-discovery. Skim the surface or delve as deep as you like. Effy’s knowledge is vast and her support and guidance and the support of other participants is unwavering and all-encompassing. The love and power of the Facebook group is palpable and buoyant. Terrific value–I have a book just from Effy’s pdfs alone which are full of pointers and prompts. I can’t recommend this course enough. – Sue Blott

Moonshine is one of those classes that is more than just videos and PDFs and supply lists – it’s an experience. It’s magic and community and being present in your life. It’s making intentions and throwing paint and feeling gratitude. It’s research and association. It’s love. It’s absolutely love.

That’s not to say that there is no room to just take the lessons and make the art – it can absolutely be a filling of the journal with pretty spreads. To do that, though, is to lose SO MUCH of the magic of the class, which is a deep dive into your magical roots, your ancestors, your own associations with the zodiac, the elements, and the way you walk through the world. It’s a chance to take your inner wild child by the hand and lead her into the moonlight.

You will absolutely not regret signing up.  – Sarah Trumpp

Moonshine found me-it was an impulse purchase- and through the lessons and the people I’ve met in Moonshine, I have really started to find myself. To feel like I am meeting myself on the page, in my art, in the process of making art. I have found how powerful journaling is for me, how big an impact it makes and I have learned so much about ways I can combine this with art. I have seen how cycling with the moon connects with me and helps me be connected. There is so much in moonshine, some months I’ve touched the surface, some months I have dived deep, every month the group of people that make it have been a safe, accepting place to explore and ponder and question and art. This year could have been a really hard one-it’s had death, pain, sorrow and could have overwhelmed me but moonshine, journaling and art have been the roots that are helping me grow into the person I’ve always wanted to be. – Rachel Kentish

I’ve participated in Moonshine every year since 2018. Each year brings a unique experience and more amazing depth and abundance in this offering. Effy is a generous host who gives her all in creating magical spaces with fertile content. I’ve not encountered another online course that comes close to the deep experience of Moonshine. Effy provides her passionate support throughout the year, both as host but also as part of our collective experience of learning and practices, raw truth and soul lessons. The live calls now offered are an amazing experience of hearing Effy give voice and extra insights to the materials, and having a more authentic personal connection across lands and seas. I live in Australia and find myself setting alarms for 2am to join a live, even though I know it will be recorded, because of the unique energy in experiencing this live. It feels quite magical to be able to transcend time and place to gather under the same moon and connect over common experiences and learn from differing individual perspectives and practices. I am excited to be participating again in Moonshine 2021.– Lynda Horn

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