Moonshine 2022 – Terms of Service

Please read these terms of service before completing your purchase*. Thank you.

I will not be teaching the misappropriated practices of indigenous or oppressed peoples or closed practices in this class. Social justice will be discussed and explored as we discuss practices that do and do not belong to us depending on our own lineage. All practices will be sourced ethically, and you will be encouraged to do the same.

Due to the deeply personal nature of the work we undertake in this program, this class is only open to those who identify as female or non-binary. Trans Women are welcome in this space! We also use gender-neutral language wherever possible when we gather, but the manual uses feminine pronouns throughout to emphasize that this programme is designed as a feminine/Goddess orientated spirituality. 

What happens in Moonshine stays in Moonshine. Discussion of your own work in the program in your spaces is fine, but please do not share the stories or experiences of others. This also applies to the content! Your response to the content (paintings, musings, etc.) are yours but the lessons and documentation are my intellectual property and are not to be shared with non-members for any reason. One pair of peepers per password, please. 

Although you may find some of the practices taught herein therapeutic, this class is not a substitute for therapy or an appropriate container for heavy trauma work. While we may discuss how trauma (collective and/or personal) has impacted us, it is important to remember that I am not a therapist, and the class is not a place to bring extreme emotional duress. If you find the work triggering in any way, you will be expected to seek professional or pastoral assistance. 

You will be asked to stay in your own experience as much as possible. If someone is having a moment, please allow me to take care of it rather than entering into “service”, “caretaking” or “advice-giving” mode. While we do look after one another beautifully in this coven, we do so through the power of witnessing and offering empathy without taking on each other’s stuff. 

Our spaces exist to support us in the work we are doing in the context of this class. Off-topic conversations, memes, and general shenanigans are welcome in the Cafe. but let’s stay focused when we post in the Coven.

Membership in the Coven and the Cafe is a privilege that will be removed at the discretion of the administrators of this e-course. You will be required to have good boundaries, adhere to our request that you do not offer unsolicited advice, use the spaces appropriately (as in, do not dump, vent, soapbox, or use the group as a substitute for proper therapeutic care), and show kindness in all your responses to me, and to your fellow witches.

Racists, transphobes, homophobes, and those whose politics align with the far-right will not find this a welcoming space. Moonshine participants tend to be left-leaning and social justice-oriented. We are hostile towards fascism and policies that oppress Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour. While we do not discuss politics as a general rule, we are welcome to discuss our feelings about things that are happening in our world as it relates to our work. For that reason, promoting far-right ideology, QAnon, conspiracy theories, anti-science, anti-mask, or any false info about COVID-19, etc. in Moonshine is grounds for immediate removal from the class and the Facebook Group without a refund. 

If you discover that Moonshine is not for you at this time, please exit without drama. Simply send me an e-mail and I will remove you from the class and class groups. If there is any drama in your exit, you will not be welcome to join again.