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My name is Effy Wild, and I’m on line art journal teacher, creativity facilitator, and shenanigans instigator.

You have found my FREE collection of resources, tutorials, speed paintings, videos, and even full workshops that I’ve created for my former and current students, fans, lovely Patreon and newsletter subscribers.

Whenever something new is uploaded to this space, I will let you know so you can come find it!

I’ve been teaching on line for 10 years now, and in that time, I have gathered up the most delicious, gorgeous community of students & readers – beloveds every one – who I call my Wildlings. My Wildlings (BODKin, Moonbeams or otherwise) make what I do possible by sharing my offerings, signing up for my classes, and ¬†joining me on Patreon. I am fiercely devoted to doing whatever I can to help my people develop an intensely effective creative practice, whether the endeavour is about staying spiritually connected, documenting one’s life, staying artistically inspired, or just flinging paint.

This collection represents years of experimentation, play, and diving into the learning curve that’s been this thing called ‘teaching on line’. Some of these offerings used to be ‘for pay’, but I’ve retired them and added them here for freesies. Some were created specifically in answer to some need I saw in my virtual community.


Note that if you are already a student in my network, just log in and click the link above and this collection will automatically be added to your dashboard.

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