Back by popular demand, Moonshine 2018 is Effy Wild’s ‘woo woo container’ for art witchery, working with the moon in all her phases, encountering the divine through mixed media art, art journaling as a devotional practice, and more.

Moonshine 2018 begins on December 31st, 2018, but includes instant access to Book Of Days Boot Camp Version 1.0 + Succulent Stacks. 

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Please note that failure to complete your payment plan will result in your removal from the class.

*For those who are seeking a more ‘secular’ experience that focuses on meeting ourselves as we are on the page, self-care, and regular creative practice, Book Of Days 2018 may be a better choice for you. For those of you looking to go create or enhance your own spiritual practice, learn how to use art as a tool for transformation on a spiritual level, commune with the divine through effort as offering, or track the phases of the moon & seasons of the year through art, this is definitely for you. Of course, if you want both, you can buy the bundle!


Moonshine 2018 {Payment Plan}

$30.00 per month for 4 months