vidbanIn this class, we will spend eight weeks + together, exploring faces in the art journal. My intention throughout this class is to work with the negative self talk we all experience, and transform those messages into affirmations – the things we need to hear. These explorations will inform the creation of each face.

Each week, we will focus on a different way to create faces in the journal using a diverse range of mediums and techniques ranging from paint over collage to doodling.

There is an extensive “INTRODUCTION” and “BOOT CAMP”, both of which are jam packed with enough content to keep you busy for *weeks*, and this content will be accessible to you immediately upon completing registration.

Class officially begins with our first face lesson on Wednesday, September 14, and we will continue weekly through until November 2. The class will remain available to you indefinitely, however, so you can take it at your own pace, or take it over and over again as you need or want inspiration.

Tuition is $79.00 and includes indefinite, unlimited access, and downloadable content.


Facing Forward II: The Things We Need To Hear