This mini workshop was originally filmed for Book Of Days 2017. One of the things we do a lot of in BOD is explore ways ‘in’ to the journal, and especially ways to meet ourselves on the page.

My journaling practice has a purpose that goes beyond ‘making pretty pages’. While beautiful spreads *do* make me happy, nothing makes me happier than working towards a deep knowledge and intimacy with all my parts – the ones that see the light of day, like my personality, my dreams, my goals, my frustrations, my confoundment – and the ones that don’t – my shadow, my reactivity, the parts of me that are dormant or in hiding or heavily armoured.

I have always used creativity as a spiritual practice, and also as a therapeutic one. I am *not* an art therapist, but I *am* an expert in what works for me in my endeavour to know myself as deeply as I’m able. My students in Book Of Days and other classes I’ve created tell me that they find my ‘ways in’ effective for them, too.

In this mini workshop, I’m going to be teaching you how to breathe whatever you are presently feeling (good, bad, or ugly) into a page, throw all the paint and mark making at it as a way to expend excess emotional energy, and then bring the holy mess we make together with a series of unifying moves.

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Mood Journaling Mini Workshop