Book Of Days 2017 is a year long ‘art in community’ experience taught in three sessions that run from January 1 – April 1, May 1 – August 1, and September 1 – December 1 throughout 2017. Each week, you will find new content designed to inspire your own art journaling practice, as well as instruct you in mixed media art journaling techniques.

This class includes:

Book Of Days Boot Camp with Teacher Support.
BOD Boot Camp is an intensive in the art of creating and keeping a Book Of Days. This class includes six chapters, and covers all aspects of mixed media art journaling including various methods of book binding, what to include in your BOD, adding text, creating backgrounds, gaining insight, creating faces, and mixing colours. It is a workshop unto itself, and you will have unlimited, indefinite access so you can take your time working through the content. As a BOD Annual subscriber, you will also benefit from teacher support, and the course materials will be housed in your 2017 classroom for ease of use. BOOT CAMP BEGINS ON DECEMBER 21, 2016.

Journaling Workbook
1 x month full length colour PDF containing musings related to the theme of the month + a journal prompt for each day. These PDFs can be printed and used as workbooks, or you can simply read them on screen, and print the page containing the journal prompts to use as you see fit.The prompts are designed to jump start your writing practice, OR you may use them to inspire art journal spreads. There is no wrong way to use them! Released on the 1st of every month. These PDFs are ‘evergreen’, by which I mean that you can use them year after year after year if you like with the exception of the last page, which will contain dated moon phase and holy day information. When you print in any other year but 2017, just omit the last page.

Full Length Art Lesson
On the first and third Monday of every month (except for our hiatus months, which are April, August, and December), you will receive a full length video tutorial of an intuitive art journal spread with a spotlight on a particular technique (collage, adding texture, shading, etc.). Includes a full colour step-by-step PDF with supplies list and instructions. Released on the first and third Monday of every month.

Time Lapse Art Lesson
April, August, and December include a time lapsed art video meant to inspire you while we are on hiatus. This will be released some time in the first week of each hiatus month.

The Bed Head Diaries .
These weekly vlogs are meant to inspire your creative process, pass on things I’m learning, resources I’m loving, product tips, and whatever else comes up for me. I will be sharing all the art/journal/planning stuff I did each week during these vlog style videos, along with weekly exploration of Tarot in which I pull a card for us to explore, and suggest ways to engage this kind of wisdom in our art journals. Released every Monday, except while we are on hiatus.

Art Journal Oracle Cards
Printable, collectible art cards. These were initially created in 2016, and will be included as a printable PDF each month. There are 52 cards total. If you print off, cut out, and perhaps, laminate each card as it is released, you will have a collection of 52 cards by the end of the year to use as an oracle deck, or to prompt you in your art journal practice. I will also be creating new art cards to be included in each new art lesson throughout the year.

Private Facebook Group
For peer support & communing, the Facebook Group is closed to the public. I will be in the group daily looking at your art, answering your questions, and generally hanging out with you.

All This For $120 $99

If you start late, you will still get all the content as listed above. While there will be some discussion of seasonal themes (especially as holidays roll around), the content will be universally themed enough that you can approach and engage each month’s content whenever you like. Because you will also be granted indefinite access*, you will be welcome to revisit the content as you wish.

Access to Boot Camp is included, (begins December 21, 2016) so you can prepare your art journal, and build up you rmixed media art journaling skill set before we begin on January 1st, 2017.

*Indefinite access = as long as I’m teaching/managing this site.



Book Of Days 2017